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Birth Circle – Having a Baby Away from Home

Date: Wednesday, March 22nd 2023
Time: from 6h00pm to 8h00pm
Target audience: Pregnant women, mothers, couples, and health professionals
Location: UTERUS – Saúde Integrativa da Mulher
Cost: Free, with mandatory registration. Register here.

If you are pregnant in a foreign country, you may feel lonely and lost, and sometimes even misunderstood and judged for seemingly unorthodox practices by educational, mental health, or child welfare services that are not familiar with practices from the family’s culture of origin.

This free 2-hour get-together group was prepared for pregnant women and families that speak/understand English and live in Portugal, who may not know how the Portuguese health system works and/or are struggling to build a support network.

We aim to help you strengthen your support network here in Portugal and cross these challenging times with calm, safety, and love.  

These gatherings bring together pregnant women, mothers, couples, and health professionals who want to hear and/or talk about experiences of pregnancy, birth, and parenting in Portugal, in a safe and warming environment, stripped of prejudices, so that everyone feel comfortable talking openly about their experiences/expectations.

In each get-together circle, we guarantee that there will be at least one foreign family sharing its experience of pregnancy, birth, and parenting in Portugal. A nurse-midwife moderates these gatherings, which are free of cost, although they require prior registration.