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Date: Wednesday, September 20th 2023
Time: from 6h00pm to 7h30pm
Target audience: pregnant couples, parents and caregivers
Location: UTERUS – Saúde Integrativa da Mulher
Cost: 35€ (single/couple)

Note: it is not a workshop aimed for health professionals.


Parents and grandparents are usually the firsts to respond after an accident or emergency with children, before the approach of health professionals.
Often, this intervention can help prevent sequelae or improve the prognosis.
It is therefore essential that caregivers feel able to do so with the necessary knowledge and security.



Join us in this workshop to feel prepared to act promptly and effectively after an accident with children, including:

  • Burns
  • Poisoning
  • Foreign Body Injuries
  • Choking
  • Falls and Trauma

Cátia Quintas, Nurse Midwife

  1. Please fill out the form available here.
  2. Payment by bank transfer to IBAN PT50 0033 0000 45311450339 05 and sending proof of payment to formacao.uterus@gmail.com
    Note: no refund in case of no-show or delay.